Welcome to Bull Hill Red Angus Ranch

Please make plans to join us on January 21st, 2023, for our 12th annual “More Bull for Your Buck” Production Sale, featuring 35 service aged bulls and approximately 30 Red Angus heifers!  

Contact us to receive a sale catalog.  The sale will be broadcast live on DV Auction, beginning at 12 noon eastern time, with animals available for viewing during the morning.  Videos and more information coming soon!

Bullhill Red Angus Ranch - Red Angus Cattle in Gray Court, SC

Nothing Could Be FINER!…
Than a visit to Bull Hill Ranch when you are in the Carolinas!

Come see what we’re up to, raising and evaluating our cattle under real world conditions so their performance and work ethic is bred in, not fed in! These are the kind that are easy on the eyes, and work in any environment.


Jim and Alvina Meeks - Owners

1986 Trinity Church Rd., Gray Court, SC 29645.

Ranch Mgr., Raymond Prescott

Cell phone: 864-981-2080

e-mail: [email protected]